Every talented upcoming artiste would love to display their profile and music to the public both locally & overseas but doing that can either be very hard or the process may take a long time. We understand the importance of marketing, promoting, and getting an artiste image & music properly displayed online.

The Importance of Artiste Promotion Services

Back in the days artiste used door to door marketing and selling mix-tapes on the street, now this is slowly fading into the past because the internet in taking over. In order for an artist to be cutting edge & make an impact with their music, they need to start somewhere. It’s all about Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and utilizing SEO to get an artist’s music to the fans. But the artiste shouldn’t be the one worrying about sending out their music & profile to all the blogs and begging for exposure; focusing on cultivating their skills and producing quality content for their fans should be of the utmost priority.

What We Do Here

We understand that being an artiste is time consuming, so we like to erase the hassle of artist having to promote their own music, and we get the job done for them.We offer Artist Promotion Packages that will suit the needs of genre of music.

We display your profile & music on our website in the appropriate category for potential clients to see

You get an entire page or platform that features all details about you & your music ( this page is fully optimized to appear in all major search engines for eg: Google, yahoo & Bing)

Your profile & music will be displayed on our Facebook page, our external blog and our website which targets people in the Caribbean, UK, Canada, USA, Australia & India.

You can upload an entire album and we allow users to listen & contact you directly for bookings

You can submit pictures, videos & anything related to your music and they will be displayed

We do all the hard work for you, so let us take a weight off your shoulders and promote your music to the masses!!  ONLY US55.00 Per Year

We accept online payments & bank deposits, if you do not have a credit card still fill out the form & choose the package you desire. We will email you our bank payment information

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