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Viktor Tilson

Viktor Tilson is an Outsider Artist, having had no formal training he now out sells most UK based artists by selling directly to the public, having turned professional in 2010 after 30 years of working an office by day and painting at night.

No prints just 100% original works from a creative mind. Paintings can be designed for your own home to incorporate colours, shapes, reflect music etc......what ever you are looking for in a unique work of modern art

Tel: (01453) 825 229
Address: Alderley Edge, United Kingdom
Website: www.viktortilson

A Brush with Africa

By using the unusual medium of Tea and Dry Ochre pigment, East African born Simon Stevenson has managed to capture the colour, mood and shimmering beauty of this incredible continent.


The Art of Conrad Mieschke

Heritage, Over 120 high-realist landscape and portrait paintings in Watercolor, Egg-Tempera or Acrylic of Southern Ontario, Canada.