Bachelors of Science & Education Resumes in Aruba
bachelor degree resumes in Aruba

Trudy-Ann Hyacinth Lawrence
(Willing to relocate)
Nine Miles
Calderwood P.O. St. Ann. Jamaica. WI
Tel: (1876) 850-2184 / 389-0146
OBJECTIVE: To always strive for excellence in whatever I do and to uphold the highest standards of my workplace.

EDUCATION: Escuela Internacional de Educación Física y Deporte – EIEFD
(International School of Physical Education and Sports)

Brown’s Town High School

Charlton Primary School

QUALIFICATION: Bachelors in Physical Education and Sports 2014 (teaching)

Diploma (Education)

Certificate in a preparatory curse of Spanish 2007

CXC General Proficiency 2006
English 1 (II)
English 2 (III)
Mathematics (II)
Social Studies (II)
Geography (III)
Integrated Science (II)
Clothing and Textiles (I)

CXC General Proficiency 2007 Secondary
Physics (II)

School Certificate (SSC) Continuing Level 2006
Science (5)
Mathematics (4)
Language and Communication (5)
Social Studies (5)
Clothing and Textiles (5)

EXPERIENCE: Alva Primary and Infant School (Volunteer) as a
Literacy Teacher
POST: Teacher
DATE: September 2014

Ganma Primary School (grade 5- Cuba) as a
Physical Education Teacher
DURATION: 2nd and 3rd School term
POST: Teacher practice
DATE: July 2014

9 de Abril Secondary School (grade 7-Cuba) as a
Physical Education Teacher
DURATION: 1st and 2nd school term
POST: Teaching practice
DATE: July 2011-2012

Stepney Primary and Junior High (grade 4) as a
NYS summer participant
DURATION: 3 weeks
POST: Assistant School Teacher
DATE: July 2005 & 2006

AWARDS: - Gold title in Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports (honors)
(EIEFD - 2014)

• Outstanding academic achievement in the field of Physical Education and Sports
(EIEFD-2012 & 2013)

• Integral student of the group for the month
(EIEFD-March -2011)

- Board of Governor’ Award for Excellence
• Deportment
• Best Performance in: English Literature
Integrated Science
Clothing and Textiles
(Brown’s Town High School - 2006)

REFERENCE: Mr. Glester Davis
Minister of Religion
Calderwood P. O.
St. Ann
Tel: 1876-421-4674

Mrs. Deverlyn Quest-Rosewell
Justice of the Peace
Eight Miles
Calderwood P. O.
St. Ann
Tel: 1876-369-3431

EXTRACT CURRICULUM - President of the Jamaican delegation (EIEFD 2010-12)
ACTIVITY: - Head of sports on the Caribbean delegation (EIEFD 2010)
- Member of EIEFD´s choir (EIEFD 2008-10)
- Participation in Caribbean Exhibitions (EIEFD 2010-12)
- Participation in forums (EIEFD 2011-14)
- Personal trainer in Nine Miles and environs (present)