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A brief overview of education in jamaica

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Thursday, January 17, 2013 Under: Education
Education in Jamaica starts at the tender age of 2 years old for most. It is said that the foundation of education system lies within early childhood which some call Basic or Infant School. This theory is sometimes argued but I'll go in-dept a next time. Most schools accept children from between ages three years to three years and six months. Others may take them as young as 2 years old. Children at Basic or Infant school age usually attend from age 3 – 5 years. Some Day Care Centers, in addition to giving child care, they also offer limited childhood education which prepares them for Basic or Infant School. Next we have Primary education which prepares children for Secondary Education and starts at Grade 1 for 6 year olds, to Grade 6 for 12 or 13 year old now although over a decade ago 11 year old children where graduating primary schools once they pass their common entrance exams.
Next there is high school - Students are exposed to a lot more subjects in Secondary education in Jamaica.
For most students, this is where they are introduced, for the first time to a foreign language. But Secondary education is the stepping stone and the foundation to students’ future career and further education. By the time students reach the fourth form or 10th grade they are already planning college majors, career goals etc

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