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Posted by New N Used Link Team on Thursday, December 27, 2012 Under: Business
The business world is a challenging one that's why most individuals are afraid to be a member. Some might say its too risky to start a business and its much easier to apply for a job in a already established firm, now this is very much true but lets go a bit deeper. For a individual to get a good job one has to be very educated or lucky and in most instances being lucky is out because unless your family member or friend is going to pull some strings to get you a good job you will not get it. Growing up i was always told that education is the way to a better life and you must go to university in order to be on your way to success, this is true but universities are not FREE they cost money "millions". What if you attend university, get straight A's and graduate with a honorary degree does this guarantee a good job??? NO. and sometime you dont even get any job at all and its not because you didnt try hard enough its just that not everyone leaving school is guaranteed a job. Now millions are down the drain and for those who took out student loans they owe a lot. Now you become frustrated, no money, no job and stress is now a big part of your life what to do next???? should you give up or just continue to try and get a job. Well i always believe there is a way out of any situation no matter how big or difficult it is. But the main point am trying to make here is do not believe in the hype of running off to college unless you have a plan B or C because the millions you invest into school could very much start your own business and a number of these fortune 500 companies you see or hear about in our society, these entrepreneurs didn't attend universities and some who went even dropped out just because they knew what they wanted and went for it. So going to university is a big risk just as starting a business so do not be afraid to be an entrepreneur because your company could provide jobs for people and help in developing our economy.

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