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Crime in Jamaica & Tourism

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, January 21, 2013 Under: Jamaica
There is much controversy on whether or not crime is a major concern for tourists to Jamaica. In this article i will take no sides on the issue because there isn't enough facts to prove one way or the other. Whether deserved or not, Jamaica is generally depicted as having a high crime rate, particularly in certain neighborhoods of its larger cities such as in kingston and montego bay. Jamaican authorities and tourism bureaus claim that the crime rates in Jamaica are not significantly different than in most other countries which is 100% true because not only is other countries crime rate higher but most crimes cases are not sent to the media.  crime is a serious problem but not only in Jamaica i can also remember a number of cases where tourist had problems with bandits in another country on a regular basis i wont state the name just to stay on point. Although violence is not confined, the vast majority of crimes occur in Jamaica's impoverished areas which we call the ghetto and tourism are not in there areas...... some media outlets say the primary concern of vacationers is becoming a victim of theft and they also feel that the Jamaican police are understaffed which i dont believe and relatively ineffective(quite true). Tourist should Avoid visiting the inner-city areas where crime is more prevalent and these tour buses also need to be properly secure, i cant recall seeing a security on a tour bus. Bags and valuables should never be left unattended and avoid wearing expensive jewelry on the streets and beaches. Do not handle large amounts of cash in public view. Avoid traveling alone, particularly at night and stay in well-lit areas. If these precautionary measures are implemented i am sure tourist will have less problems in jamaica and not only will jamaica be more respected but more tourist will visit.

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