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Do Not Settle

Posted by Jermoy on Thursday, June 18, 2015
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They say settle, I asked why? Because life is unfair and there's a lot more of what we can get than what we really want. My name is Jermoy I'm Jamaican and like the average person I'm a dreamer.
People will settle for what they can get because there's a very thin line between never giving up and your restraining point, but, the real prize is always what we want.
As children growing up our lives are random, here to there with the free will to choose from everything to be anything. Until you become an adult with certain responsibilities your in your never giving up phase, when  responsibilities force you to settle your in your restraining phase. Restrained by responsibilities.
I want to be a writer and a film director and maybe one day a singer. I can't sing very well, but when you suck at something keep doing it if you want to be great at it, "practice becomes perfect". I've constantly been told to wake up, literally, but I haven't lost faith in myself because though life might seem unfair it gives every person present today the breathing opportunity to make something of themselves "life is what we make it" .
I'm not a procrastinator, in my book there's no such thing as a procrastinator, why? Because in the minds of every person they are Leaders, and leaders knows what's best for everybody, false, they only know what's partially best for the majority by testing there own reactions to thing's, people are different but typical, truth is, you can only know what's best for yourself " who feels it knows" and no one knows what your feeling except you and a lot of things we do, we're often the only ones who knows the actual pertinence of it, in the eyes of another you may seem to be wasting time. Are you procrastinating?
I'll never settle, I'm hoping, death is my restraining point I wish and life is my never giving up phase this I know. One day I will be a film director professionally since now I could consider myself as a writer, what do you know, things are looking up.

Jermoy - The Dreamer
Blogger, script writer and aspiring Film Director

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