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Fake Friends

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Sunday, February 24, 2013 Under: People

 Fake friends are in everybody's life and they tend to be in families too, below is a few signs of a FAKE FRIEND.


1) they make any and everything about themselves, and only come around when they need something to feel better about themselves. In other words they feel the world is theirs and the sun rises and sets on their asses.


2)Fake friends refuse to accept responsibility for any of their actions, and they always proclaim themselves the victim.


3) Fake friends are constant walking contradictions; they say one thing, but do something completely different.


4) Fake people love to pretend that they are nice, good people, and many believe they actually are


5) When they can't get what they want out of you, or when they realize that you can't help them achieve their desired image, they move on. These people also will distance themselves from you if they feel you make them look or feel bad about their lives and actions.


6) They will talk behind your back and tell your personal info to others, thats why i always say F*** Friends if you can keep things to your self do it or write it in a book dont tell people about your life. Also F*** informers too.


Fake friends can be spotted easily and it doesn't matter how much you dont want them to feel bad, if they are fake they are fake. FORGET EM.

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