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Family and Success

Posted by New N Used Link Team on Saturday, December 29, 2012 Under: Family and Success
Family is great to have but not all the time will they have your back or in Jamaican culture your side. Most family members mainly love and respect you when you have money or when you are on top of your game in business. I guess they like when they can tell friends that oh i have a great cousin or brother he is the CEO for this firm, he owns houses, cars and he is soooo nice and i helped him with this or i inspired him to do that. Now this is when you are on top, but with the slightest slip in your career they are ready to criticize and even want to deny that you are family. In the business world i dont believe that family should be mixed with business because most of the times they work inefficient and they take the job for a joke because you are "FAMILY" and you want to be on their good side so they are given many chances even after they screw up. I know for sure that a stranger will hardly ever do this because of three words...YOU ARE FIRED.  On the other hand good families do exist and they will stick with you through thick or thin but who are we kidding this occurs rarely. For all the good family members out there just play your part at being honest and loyal to the ones you love, make the money don't let it control or change you. Also get rid of the disloyal family members, you dont need them because all they do is try to bring you down

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