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Harlem Shake

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, March 4, 2013 Under: Business

Whats up with this new harlem shake thing? sometimes i have to wonder if this world strives or live for foolishness. When Ghandam style came out it was kinda funny because this individual PSY was around along time ago and doing his music thing so i would say he deserve a chance to shine. The dance was quite catchy and real fun to watch and as everyone know the song also became quite popular and was number 1 on the billboards for a good time. The original Harlem shake came out in 1981 and it came back to mainstream in the early 2000's when hip hop artist such as bow wow and p.diddy brought it in their videos and songs. Now at this time the dance looked great, properly choreographed and this was good for hip hop. Now this harlem shake thing is back again and this time its real rubbish and makes no sense and people all over the world is loving it, doing their own version etc. Am not here to knock anyone hustle but its time people focus on originality and support the hardworking singers and dances and put the BULL CRAP ones to the side. #Realest talk

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