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Is marriage still important in todays society?

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, February 17, 2014 Under: Relationships
Many people are questioning the sanctity of marriage around the world. Many individuals are asking a simple question is marriage alive and well around the world?
Well it is clear that marriage is a powerful social institution throughout the world and a number of religions believe in marriage before sex so lets see what we have discovered from the list below.
  1. The divorce rate worldwide has been going down for 30 years not up! People who promulgate a contrary notion are not giving you the real facts!
  2. The marriage rate around the world has been going down. Yes, the marriage rates have been going down, but the truth is, there are really good reasons why this is so. The results of these actions are more stable and long-lasting marriages. People are waiting to get married later in life and when then are financially more stable both factors enhance the chances for having a successful marriage.
  3. People around the world are getting smarter about marriage – they are marrying later in life, holding off on having children, and taking care of their educational needs first and foremost. Smart marriages do, in fact, get married later in life, they don’t have children (or get pregnant) before they get married, and they marry when they are ready.
  4. Marriage is still very popular around the world. According to recent evidence we have seen, there have been at least 50 million marriages last year worldwide. Marriage is still very popular. Make no mistake about it. Those who would suggest differently are just plain wrong.
  5. There are pervasive characteristics that define successful marriage around the world. In marriage, the simple things matter! Successful marriage is an accumulation of having done the simple things.
  6. Let’s be clear – a marriage between two people who love each other – who dedicate their lives to each other for eternity – is still the “glue” that holds societies around the world together, whether it be in Jamaica or at other places in the world. Marriage is still the greatest contributor to “social order” around the world.
  7. Marriage is alive and well around the world! Two people who love each other and are willing to make a life commitment to each other is still one of the most significant obligations and dedications known to man and woman. Marriage is important to world order. Those who discount this notion are most certainly out of the mainstream of “world thinking.”

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