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Is Money Evil?

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, January 7, 2013 Under: Business
Money is not the root of evil, who ever said this sure did an evil job at spreading the rumour that still haunts the minds of many. How much money can you make? It depends upon how much money you have the confidence to make. Confidence stems from ability. The more able you are, the more you have invested in your education and personal growth, the more confident you are of your work. When people evade education and opportunities for growth, they not only lack confidence but also self-esteem. Money evades them and the lack of that creates bitterness towards it.

The money you earn should ideally be exchanged for services that aid your own evolution and that add to the well being of your family. Use money to buy happiness. Spend it in togetherness with your family, spend it in encouragement of your children’s dreams, spend it to care for your parents. When the money you earn does not serve you and your family’s wellbeing, then its misuse gives money a bad name. Using money for addictions, or investing it such that it causes you stress or spending it on devices that keep you distracted causes problems. When money is used as a substitute for love and nurturing, misery is guaranteed.

The broad purpose of mankind is to be creative and happy. And money is a resource for both. There is no greater joy than creation and there is no greater satisfaction than being a better person than you were yesterday.

Money should be used to expand ones horizons. Use your money for creating new skills, exploring new ideas, taking some risks. The banks are doing exactly that with your money anyways, why can’t you? lol

Money, like your thoughts, stems from your choices. Your choices define your character. A person, who has a shallow mind, will put money to shallower use.

When people use money for physical and spiritual abuse, it spells evil. When money traps you in its vicious cycle of slavery, it spells evil. Money is as evil as you think. Money is as spiritual as you put it to spiritual use for yourself and for others. Our choices define money's existence.

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