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Is there a God?

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Sunday, January 6, 2013 Under: Our Universe and Beliefs

Is there a God? This question is ask by asking a number of individuals, how did we get here???? 20th century science has demonstrated, with certainty, that the universe is not eternal; the universe had a beginning. Actually, mankind has contemplated this issue for centuries, long before science proved a beginning. In all that time, man has conceived of only two possible solutions -- either Someone made the world (God or another Creator, or the world made itself (The big bang - Evolution).

Unless we can demonstrate the world is capable of creating itself, God is the default. The incredible design that permeates all things implies a Designer. Natural laws (cause and effect, thermodynamics, gravity, etc.) imply a Lawgiver. Personal creatures imply a Personal Creator. Since everything we observe in the universe is an effect, there must have been a First Cause. Unless we are able to explain satisfactorily how each of these things exist, without resorting to a supernatural force, and find empirical evidence to support our conclusion, a Creator is default. Furthermore, any derived conclusion must be within the bounds of natural law, as natural law is a part of the universe and remains unbroken within the universe. What do you all think? Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but personally i believe there is a GOD.

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