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Jamaican Lotto

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Under: Jamaica
Supreme Ventures Limited says a Jamaican has hit the Super Lotto Jackpot draw in the amount of Ja.$311 m.The ticket holder, who purchased $150 ticket, won the split price amount of the super lotto jackpot with the numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 16 and super ball 10.This super lotto player has won $186.6 million.The lucky winner will be required to claim his/her prize in Jamaica at the Supreme Ventures Corporate Office.Supreme Ventures says it will provide information on the winner as soon as the prize is claimed. Now although some people have won this and claim their prize i believe most lotto if not all is a scam and what i mean by this is that the bigger heads control when the lotto is to be won with these magnetic balls.....yeah its real. These people know that its hard to win so when they decide when the lotto should be won no one can easily pick up the scam. I noticed that the only time people really win is when the prize is real high. All they do is trick the poor into believing in this garbage, poor people need to use their brain and spend their money wisely its like the lotto controls people just like fast food "quick and easy". These are their favorite tag line "A ticket to your dream" " without a ticket you dont stand a chance ". They also have this cash pot thing with numbers and their meanings .......GARBAGE. Just tricking people in spending their money three times a day and although people win on a daily basis they also lose ALOT. So a million people play and 1000 win who are the losers here, the gambling companies are just scamming people but this is something from Jesus days so it will never change. .

In : Jamaica 

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