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Jamaican Music

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Sunday, December 30, 2012 Under: Jamaican Music
Jamaican music is loved all over the world but am not here to talk about all genres of  the jamaican music, my main focus is on the dance hall music. Today artists are all about the paper, mula, benjamins, dead prez just to name a few terms used for money along with the fame. Back in the days musicians focus was mainly on good decent lyrics and a well crafted rhythm to please all likes for dance hall, we could go out and relate to all songs played by sound systems or the radio and we would have a good time. Now, dance hall musicians are trying to invade the international market by switching their flows, instrumentals and even trying to rap, don't get me wrong i love hip hop/rap but i believe every artist should stick to their culture and not try to change because of the great greed for money. If a dance hall musician wants to make a song with an international artist, nothing is wrong but when they try to act as if they are another genre of music it looks bad. I see Jamaicans imitating songs from overseas and i also see it vice versa, why cant people just be original and try to branch out in life by being loyal to their culture rather than chasing the money. Although it might seem as if its the artists fault, the record companies have alot to do with this, they have the final say as to what can be released locally or internationally. To see an artist real talent i believe one has to listen to the mixtapes because here they can say just about anything and express their feelings towards experience and everyday lifestyles. So i will not blame the dance hall artists for this, its the record label heads fault and without a record label most artist music will not reach majority of the public and in other words they will make no money. A movie that came to my mind just now was "Brown Sugar" this movie clearly shows that a real record label should put out quality music and not garbage that sells.

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