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Job Scams in Jamaica

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, March 11, 2013 Under: Jobs

Job scams are all over the world and over the years it has become very popular in Jamaica, one of the main place where job scams are advertised is in the Sunday gleaner classifieds. I dont know if applicants are just naive but its quite easy to detect fake jobs in the classifieds.


How to detect job scam? 


One of the main thing about a scam is asking for money before service is provided and also because more job seekers are now using the internet to find work fraudsters are also building job sites with online cons.


Job scams usually include misspellings or grammatical errors in job ads, or a contact email address that is not the primary domain of the organization. For example, a job ad that uses a yahoo, live, hotmail or gmail email address should raise some alarm because most reputable firms would use their own company address for example Some companies also use their business name as email and are still frauds so still do your background check and ask around.

A legitimate job should be paying you for what you are worth, in terms of your experience and contribution instead of expecting you to pay upfront for the career opportunity. Always be wary of jobs that request information or personal details beyond that usually contained in your resume,  you should never give out your bank account details before landing the job. 


Check on the firm’s reliability, credibility and complaint record with friends or contacts from the industry or seek advice from other reliable third party resources, such as The Chamber of Commerce or institute bodies.

Never divulge personal and financial information on the phone, email or over the internet until you have done due diligence on the company’s reputation and marketplace record, and are comfortable with the company’s privacy protection policies.

The work-at-home job market is filled with scams it pays to be more skeptical about the lucrative money making opportunities this market promises. If the returns sound too good to be true, most of the time, they probably are. Jobs that gives high income claims or ads that do not specify the details and requirements of the job itself is usually fake. A legitimate job should be clear and precise on the job specifications and responsibilities


always work with a reputable headhunting firm or job agency. Proceed with caution whenever you receive an email which claims to have seen your resume online and invites you to complete the application details online. You should check out the company through your internet browser and contact the organization via telephone to find out if the job offer is genuine.

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