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Ladies........Does size matter?

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Under: Relationships

Some women love when a man is well endowed for either satisfaction or just to feel good about their men, while others are afraid of the pain and just seeing a big penis scares them to death. Men love their penises, from the time he is born, a man's penis becomes his best friend. He will love it, fondle it, get mad at it(especially when it stops working), respect it, listen to its opinion, and get in trouble for it. Men are obsessed with their penises, even if they don't realize it. Most men live in constant fear that their manhood is not big enough. What they don't realize is that a recent study, involving 800 men of all shapes, races, and sizes, concluded that the average penis size is 5.5 inches. I know a number of men will be pissed about this study because they are persons who claim they are under 5 inches (damn). I think women who feel that they aren't pretty or sexy enough because they have small breasts are like men who think that having big penises make them more manly and better lovers. The truth is that these men lack self-esteem and their self-worth is placed into their penises, although i know for a fact that most women would love if the man they fall in love with is well endowed. Some women simply don't care about size. There will be the odd ones who say it is very important, but they are usually the ones who love aggressive sex. Women do talk about their men's penises...often. But most of the time, the focus isn't on size; they focus more on what you did with it. I read alot of articles and i realize that any questions that are aimed at a doctor is size of penis, the way i see it is to just give thanks for what God gave you.... if you are big or small the main thing is to learn how to use it and please your woman so she wont complain.

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