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minimize Spending

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, May 20, 2013 Under: People

 overspending and broke

In this world that we live its quite difficult to minimize your spending especially with the high prices and the temptations from the finer things in life. It’s hard to say no to yourself when the urge to spend strikes. Despite all the urges there are ways to minimize and also we have to force ourselves to minimize or we wont have anything for the future.

  1. Don’t shop for fun. People especially Friends go on shopping spree for things that are not needed, people need to make a list of fun things you can do for free or low cost and post it. Keep away from places you tend to spend money.
  2. Play with getting your needs met. Get enough rest, fun, and quiet time so you don’t need shopping to satisfy you. Find a hobby like workout and stick to it, challenge yourself
  3. Use cash. Avoid using atm machines and this will make it more painful to watch the money go out from your fingers.
  4. Pay bills before the weekend, this will eat up money for entertainment with friends
  5. Always use a shopping list.
  6. Keep track of your spending for a week to see what your spending holes are maybe magazines, coffee, dining out, home accessories, or books. And each week plan to spend a little less on those items.
  7. Look at your reactions to the people around you. If you are jealous or envious, ask yourself why. Something may be missing in your own life but trust me, it’s not stuff.
  8. Remember, the thrill is in the hunt of finding the “perfect” thing. Once you buy it, the thrill is gone. Try new games  Can I make it through the checkout line without buying that magazine? How little can I spend today at the grocery store? Can I find something more creative to do with my friends besides go out to eat?
  9. Read about poverty and people that are suffering? Some would kill just to have a descent meal, we need to appreciate our blessings and dont blow it. Once you have the basics more things and more money doesn’t make you happier. And in some cases it can make you less happy.
  10. Talk with frugal people. Many people are as happy with the challenge of spending as little as possible as others are who love to blow all their money.
  11. Dont hangout with people who are all about partying, you will spend more than you have and these people tend to reach in financial problems then they will come to you.

there are many ways to save money, although the economy is messed up we can survive without these new gadgets everybody want the latest phones, cars, clothes etc. I see people buying phones that cost way more than their monthly salary, people taking out cars just to look flashy this is all foolishness. The people who are making these items are already rich so they are gaining while you are losing. Just ensure that you live to your standard dont spend what you dont have and forget trying to impress people.

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