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Police corruption in Jamaica

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, March 18, 2013

Police corruption has become very popular over the years and one common form of police corruption is soliciting or accepting bribes in exchange for not reporting organized drug or prostitution rings or other illegal activities. Another example is police officers flouting the police code of conduct in order to secure convictions of suspects for example, through the use of falsified evidence. More rarely, police officers may deliberately and systematically participate in organized crime themselves. Police officers have various opportunities to gain personally from their status and authority as law enforcement officers so they take advantage. Accurate information about the prevalence of police corruption is hard to come by, since the corrupt activities tend to happen in secret and police organizations have little incentive to publish information about corruption. Police officials and researchers alike have argued that in some countries, large-scale corruption involving the police not only exists but can even become institutionalized. In spite of achievements made by the government in recent years police corruption has remained one of the main obstacles to rapid growth and development in Jamaica. According to the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) they have announced the arrest and charge of close to 50 members and civilians since the start of the year. They say that they are aware of police personnel who have been extorting money from motorists in return for not prosecuting them. Overall, 58 police personnel and civilians have been arrested on allegations of corruption. According to the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN), 46 people have been charged for breaches of the Anti-Corruption Act since January 2012. The CCN says a total of 812 cases have been reported to the ACB since 2012, 235 of which were received during the month of June.When people say F*** the police they all have reasons, i know there are police officers that carry out their duties honestly but lets face it until proper anti corruption measures are put in place there is still gonna be a large number of corrupt police in Jamaica because of the greed for "MONEY".

Citizens should report any incident of corruption by calling its hotline at 1-800-CORRUPT, the Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

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