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Sex only relationships??

Posted by kent bookal on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Under: Relationships

Is Casual sex for you?

Sex is now mainstream and marriage seems to have dropped a few points in our new generation.

sex only relationship.



1. You do not have a commitment just sex on the go ( No strings attached).

2. This person understands you have a limited amount of time and they're cool with that.

3. The relationship is intensely satisfying because there is no pretense.

4. Your chosen lover can make cameo appearances as a date when needed.

5. You're not responsible for the other persons emotional state and vice versa.



1. Sex only relationships can sometimes cause you to feel lonely and detached.

2. Your lover has the option of ending said relationship without explanation.

3. It might be awkward to run into your lover with another person.

4. Feelings cannot truly be controlled so one of you may become emotionally involved.

5. Your lover may not always be available.

6. Your lover provides little to no emotional support.

7. If you get pregnant, your lover might not stay around


Sex only relationships are best in the short term.  If you know you are an emotionally needy individual I would suggest you avoid them all together. 

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