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Should the Jamaican Motto, “ Out of Many , One People be Changed?”

Posted by Winston Donald on Monday, February 17, 2014 Under: Jamaica

Should the Jamaican Motto, “ Out of Many , One People be Changed?”

Are we really one people. In a fractured class and race biased society as Jamaica, many people especially

those in academia or those that are Afro Centric or black conscious are examining the “wisdom’ of

those who construct the “Out of Many, One People.”

Noted Post –Colonial writer, Psychiatrist, International scholar , West Indian Scholar , Black

Martiniquian, Pro Independence Algerian Franzt Fanon stated ,”white depends for its stability on its

negation, “black.” Neither exists without the other, and both come into being at the moment of

imperial conquest.’

In view of the exploitation of our people by some racial groups over the centuries. In view of the

inequities in land and property. In view of the conspiracy to shut out the masses out of decision making,

wealth creation and property rights and in view of the fact that some groups want the island for

themselves ( example having Portland remaining with the worst roads as this will deter buses and mass

transport from reaching the pristine areas or the Rural Hill/Manchaneal/Long Bay coastline) and in view

of the fact that some groups want to carve their enclaves by protesting at any residential development

or attempt to put housing stock in suburban areas which create border to existing high priced estates,

shouldn’t the authorities entrusted with our governance seeks to question the national motto.

The actions of many or some groups who think Jamaica is theirs, the education of some groups who

believe it is their God given right to hegemony and to be Lords because of their colours forgetting the

exploitation and rape done to our people , especially those from West Africa or the ancient Mali-Ghana

kingdom , taking us away into captivity to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab emirates, to Mauritania, Morocco,

the Caribbean, Central America, South America and even to Europe and South India. So should the

Motto now be “Out of Many Races, One Nation”

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