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Single mothers & the problems they face

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Monday, March 25, 2013 Under: Relationships

Being a single mom is very hard and they face tough questions and judgment each day just because they lack a spouse. If you are a divorced, single mom, you’ve had to heal from the pain of your divorce plus take on the responsibility of doing the majority of the childcare. If the divorce was a messy one you also have to deal with attorney's fees and child support issues and some fathers fight for the custody of their children in order to reduce or eliminate child support payments. If this happens a single mom has to prove that she's the best caretaker for the children, and that she deserves the child support amount she's requesting. You also have to put food on the table and a roof over the family’s head. Between working & taking care of the kids, single moms rarely get any me time and this can lead to excess levels of stress, with no outlet to vent their frustrations. They may also start to feel disconnected from their peers, and unable to connect with others who aren't in the same situation. This can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Only having one income to rely on can create a very shaky existence. This is especially true if a woman has grown to rely on her husbands income, and now only receives a child support check. Many times the child support that is awarded in the courts is a fraction of what the husband was previously contributing to the running of the household. Most single mothers find themselves holding down at least one job in order to make ends meet. This means that someone must watch the kid or kids in order for her to go to work. Sometimes a grandparent or other family member can fill in and reduce costs, but most times it's a mom's last resort to put her kids in day care. The stigma surrounding single mothers is hard to overcome for many women. Men are known to avoid women with children, not wanting to get involved in a complicated situation. While of course it's not impossible for a singe mom to find love, the deck is stacked against her.

Many human interest stories revolve around super human single mothers that can somehow manage to overcome all odds. Those that provide a decent life for their kids and have them grow up to be model citizens as adults are always commended. It's important to realize that the situation never defines the person. It's always the other way around and it doesnt matter how hard life gets there is always a way out. You just have to find it. Keep yah head up #2pac

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