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The Power of Money

Posted by The New N Used Link Team on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Under: Business
The power of money is creative. You don't have to have as much as Bill Gates does to experience that power. You only have to have a little more power-a little more money-than others. In a relationship or in a friendship group, there are subtle things. For example, people will often defer to you. They'll ask where you want to go to dinner. If you're part of a faith community and you're a donor, you may be treated differently than if you aren't. In our culture, the power of money is the power to set the agenda. To not recognize and lay that on the table is naïve. And it is wasting opportunity.

Money is a power source, like electricity, which can be used for good, but which can be fatal if mishandled. You can use money to open up opportunities, to create things, to heal, to create linkages. You can also use it to shut down access, to manipulate, to cause people great harm. Once you realize you have money and money is a power source, you can choose how to use it. 2.8 billion people in the world live on less than two dollars a day. For those of us with money, what does it mean to create goodness in an atmosphere like that? For some, the answer might be charitable giving. For others, it might be starting your own business. One thing I know: when you use money to create goodness, it is a moment of astonishing joy.

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