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Three of jamaicas main dishes

Posted by The New N Used Link on Thursday, January 17, 2013 Under: Jamaica
Ackee & Saltfish - The National Dish consists mainly of Ackee and Saltfish. Ackee is a bright red fruit that, when ripened, bursts open to reveal three black seeds and a bright yellow flesh. The flesh of this fruit is used in Jamaican dishes. The National Dish is considered common breakfast food and is oftentimes served with roasted breadfruit and boiled bananas etc.

Curry - The Indian influence in Jamaica is most notably in their curry dishes. Jamaicans prepare and serve a wide variety of curry dishes including chicken, goat, vegetables and even fruits. The curried chicken is sometimes served with dumplings and there is also an annual curry festival in westmoreland where almost everything involves curry.

Jamaican Soup or Manish water is more popularly known as “Power Water” or “goat belly soup”. This popular broth is commonly served when there are celebrations or large gatherings. It is also commonly served at traditional events.

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