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Top 10 Hottest MC in the hip hop community

Posted by The New N Used Link on Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Hottest MC in the Game List started in 2007 and every year a group of Hip-Hop journalists known as The Brain Trust debate on who is their favorite rapper of that year. This consist of Sway Calloway (on-air correspondent, MTV News) Tuma Basa (manager, MTV Music Programming) Bridget Bland (producer/writer, MTV Radio Network) Buttahman director, music and talent, MTV Jams just to name a few. 

A number of hip artist disagree with this list what do you think?

Latest List

  1.  Kendrick Lamar
  2.  2 Chainz 
  3.  Rick Ross
  4.  Nas
  5.  Drake
  6.  Big Sean
  7.  Kanye West
  8. ASAP Rocky
  9.  Future
  10. Meek Mill

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