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You are a publisher looking to boost their business and I am an author looking for a chance to become tomorrow's next best seller. I mean it. My first novel, "The Heart of a King's Child, Vol. I: An invitation" is Kindle published on Amazon, under the name Sarah Mundabi (author) in collaboration with Nathanael Williams (illustrator).

It is the first part of a four volumes series which I am aiming to bring to the big screen two years from now.
It is a simple yet rich story set in a fantasy land, which has in it the power to touch the heart of the young and the young in heart. It's about friendship, rivalry, despair and hope, bitterness and forgiveness, fear and faith together. The most suitable recipe for Christmas!

If you believe in giving unknown authors their big shot, if you believe in taking risks before being flooded with gold then let me know.
Call me TODAY and we can arrange a meeting this very evening...

Address: Tottenham N170S, United Kingdom
Call: 07424890353
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