Fashion Lanes
Fashion Lanes is a well recognized and reliable name in QUALITY Style Components. We cope in Style Products and Products. We are an IMPORTER and WHOLESALER of QUALITY Style Products. We have our own developing through employed experts. We do not create, offer or buy look-alikes of any developer. Nor are we relevant to any developer. We also do not offer any products can be known as as fakes of unique complex and branded fashion products. Besides, none in the being marketed on the website keep any Designer brands or images.

 Fashion Lanes is the one of the common name known in the wholesale market. We started our business in 2008 after getting great success in the wholesale handbags market  and added similar items to our business like handbags, wallets, jewelry, purses, bags, and scarves.

Address: 115 E 12th ST.
Los Angeles, California
90015 United States

Tel: 201-374-52004, 213-745-2011

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