- In the Spotlight

Benefits of Featured Ads

  • Your Featured Ad is 20 times more likely to be read than a normal ad. The prominent position at the top.
  • Top ensures your ad won’t be missed.
  • Featured Ads always appear at the top of results and our homepage
  • Featured Ads have own ad Page with full details
  • Featured Ads are published on our Facebook Page and Blog    
  • Featured Ads will appear/indexed in search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • You don’t have to worry about your ad slipping down in results and disappearing from view


Pay via PayPal or Our Bank Account:

Homepage - $3,300 or US$30 Per Month - CONTACT US

Regular feature - Top of Jobs Page | Top of Classifieds Page | Top of Events Page | Top of For Rent | Top of Business Directory Page | Top Of Blog Page --->>> $550 or US$5 - 7 Days   |    $990 or US$9 - 14 Days    | $1,770 or US$16 - 1 Month  

How to Place a Regular Featured Ad

  • Choose an advertising category - HERE
  • When you have chosen a category, fill out the form provided you will see the option for homepage or regular featured/Spotlight Ads.
  • Submit your form and it will be reviewed and published, if your payment is not received via pay pal or credit card we will send you our NCB business bank account information
  • After payment is made your ad will become "Featured " on the page or location you choose and it will remain for the period you select.


  • Your ad will become "Featured" after payment is received, for the period you selected.
  • There will be no refund after payment is received unless your ad violates our terms and condition.
  • Once your Ad period expires, you will be contacted to verify if you want your ad re-featured.
  • Payment applies to one ad only and is non-transferable to your other ads.