The Parish of Hanover

Population 67,037

Located at the northwestern tip of the island, Hanover is the second smallest parish in Jamaica. The capital, Lucea, or Santa Lucea as it was called by

the Spanish, was a thriving sugar port and market centre. Among the earlier settlers were European Jews who established themselves as merchants,

goldsmiths, and shoe makers, supplying products to the rest of the island. A domineering clock tower stands in the centre of the town and remains fully

functional even though it was installed in 1817. Situated in the county of Cornwall, the parish is also the birthplace of one of Jamaica’s seven national

heroes, Sir Alexander Bustamante. Sir Bustamante was independent Jamaica’s first Prime Minister  founder of one of the major political parties, the

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Hanover Attractions:

  • Fort Charlotte
  • Hanover Museum
  • The Hanover Parish Church
  • Town of Lucea
  • The Ruins at Kenilworth
  • Waterfalls at Paradise, Kempshot and Dry Hill
  • The Cabaritta River
  • Tryall Golf and Country Club
  • Kool Runnings Adventure Park