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Inspired by the beaches and mountains of Jamaica, IRIE BAMBOO produces exclusive quality beach wear apparel and accessories for young adults.

Examples of Rude Boys T-Shirt
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jamaica duffle bag
Examples of Rude Girl T-Shirts
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We offer chic summer style in every piece of apparel, whether you’re looking for relaxing time with friends or just an irie look. You can find it here.Live the island life wherever you go, whether you’re listening to reggae music, surfing, skating, sleeping under a palm tree or having a bonfire on the beach, do it in style.
Owned and operated by a couple who cares about the environment who loves family life and children, IRIE BAMBOO produces quality apparel and accessories, including t-shirts, tank tops, board shorts, flip flops, hats and totes.
Irie Bamboo also consists of uniquely designed clothing that represents the island culture of Jamaica with an appeal to an all new generation of surfers and skaters.