The Parish of Manchester

Population 185,801

Manchester is known as a major bauxite location. Much of Jamaica’s ground provisions, citrus and cattle come from this parish. The capital – Mandeville –

features several charming old churches and villages and is the preferred location for returning residents and retirees. Nestled as it is in the cool hills,

with almost temperate climate, Mandeville was also formerly known as a major coffee-growing locale.

Manchester Attractions:

  • Porus, a popular area to get fresh citrus and delicious roasted yams and saltfish – a local favourite
  • Mandeville Courthouse, where the parish’s first school was housed
  • Bloomfield, Marshall’s Pen and Marlborough Great Houses
  • Manchester Golf Club, the oldest in the Caribbean
  • Roxborough – birth place of Norman Manley, National Hero, former Prime Minister of Jamaica and founder of one of the island’s major political
         parties, the People’s National Party (PNP).
  • Manatees at Alligator Hole River
  • Canoe Valley