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Microscope for Sale
Like new, fully functional microscope.

Call: (876) 406-7621
Selling Price: JA$25,000
12v used 800 watt Missouri wind Turbine with 9gen4 Raptor Blade and a 440 amp all in one charge controller,
Used for 3 months

Address:Hamburge lane, White Horses, ST Thomas
video link below to prove that it works

Selling for:$75,000

Calculator Ti-84 plus texas instruments.

Address: Longwood Santa Cruz,St. Elizabeth JA, for further details on seller please email us at


Sewing machine

Address:St Anns Bay, St. Ann JA, for further details please email us at


20FT Container FOR SALE
Inside roof is done with ply board. It has wired windows & door cut then grilled as well as painted with anti rust marine paint.
Address:Spanish Town, St Catherine
Selling Price:JA$200,000 Neg.