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We could make money from a lot of things we own if we rented them online and at the same time do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Forget the money for the moment and just think about where everything you own comes from and how it gets to you. The likelihood is that it contains natural resources, that has been manufactured by a process that emits harmful substances into the atmosphere and then gets to you via a chain of transportation methods that are also harmful to the air that we breathe. There are also items that we would like to use but cannot justify the cost of owning ourselves. Bringing all these factors into play we thought it would be good if we can help you make some money, save money and be green by rent in our online community. We are here to make the renting of items you own or want as easy as we can with a minimal listing fee and no other costs. You should feel good knowing that whilst you're doing this you are doing your bit for the environment, because if we don't look after it who will! Advertise anything you want to rent online; Real Estate, Automotive, Heavy Equipments and more. All items are advertise on our website, facebook page and fully optimized to appear in all major search engines.

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