Kingston & St Andrew

St Andrew Population 555,828 | Kingston Population 96,052

Kingston is the largest English speaking city in the Caribbean and has been the capital of Jamaica since 1872. The city emerged after the devastation of

the previous capital, Port Royal, in the earthquake of 1692. Tell-tale signs of the city’s rich history can be seen in the diverse architecture that

abounds. Along with being the seat of the government, Kingston is also home to a number of schools and universities.

With its active business districts, and entertainment spots, bustling markets and throbbing clubs, Kingston is a hub of excitement. From annual fashion

shows such as Caribbean Fashion Week, to weekly dance events, live musicals and dramatic performances, Kingston has more than enough activities to

cater to the most discerning city dweller. Formerly known as Liguanea, St. Andrew was one of the first parishes established by law in 1867. The parish

boasts some of the top high schools and was the domicile of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. His residence, Devon House, was built in the

late 19th Century, and is now restored and open to the public for tours.

Kingston & St. Andrew Attractions:

  • Architecture of Old Kingston: the Kingston Parish Church, St. Andrew Parish Church, and the Devon House
  • The historic 17th Century pirate lair of Port Royal (once known as the “wickedest city on earth”) featuring the Fort Charles Museum and the Giddy House
  • The Little Theatre, home of the Pantomime and other local productions
  • The historic Ward Theatre, built in 1912 in downtown
  • Kingston, with beautiful architecture and near perfect acoustical construction is a symbol of Jamaica’s cultural heritage
  • The Hope Botanical Gardens, Jamaica’s largest botanical garden
  • Hiking in the majestic Blue Mountains New Kingston’s Hip Strip, featuring trendy cafés and clubs
  • Emancipation Park, an oasis in Kingston’s business district
  • Bob Marley Museum, the reggae icon’s former residence and recording studio
  • Mico University College Museum
  • University of the West Indies at the historic Mona Estate
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Institute of Jamaica
  • Rockfort Mineral Bath
  • Constant Spring Golf Course
  • Lime Cay, a glorious sun spot off Kingston’s shore