St James - Montego Bay

Population 175,127

Situated in the county of Cornwall, on the north of Jamaica, St. James is one of the most picturesque parishes. From its sandy white beaches and

pristine waters to its lush green mountains and quaint towns, the parish seduces visitors with its charms. The name of the capital, Montego Bay, was

derived from the habit of the Spanish colonists to boil lard from wild hogs in the area which resulted in the place being called Bahia de Manteca (Bay of

Lard). Over time the name was transformed to Montego Bay. The area features significantly in Jamaica’s tourism history, starting in the late 1800s.

Visitors would come to the island on returning banana boats and flock the beaches of Montego Bay, particularly Doctor’s Cave Beach. A significant sign

of the parish diversifying from its dependence on tourism is the construction of the Montego Bay Conference Centre to accommodate large, local and

international conferences.

St. James Attractions:

  • Beaches
  • Burchell Baptist Church
  • The Great Houses of Greenwood, Bellefield and Rose Hall
  • Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • The Hip Strip of Gloucester Avenue
  • Croydon in the Mountains
  • Fort Montego and the Craft Market
  • The museum at the Civic Centre Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • Championship golf courses at Ironshore, Half Moon, White Witch, and Cinnamon Hill