The Parish of Saint Mary

Population 111,466

Lying on the north-eastern side of the island, St. Mary is a lush, green parish with imposing mountains, winding rivers and a virtually unspoiled coastline.

The capital, Port Maria, was the second town built by the Spaniards on the island and was originally called ‘Puerto Santa Maria’. The name was

subsequently changed after the British captured the island from the Spanish. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important industry for the parish with

the recently established Ian Fleming International Airport, as well as several luxury resort developments such as Goldeneye and Golden Clouds.

St. Mary Attractions:

  • The monument at Rio Nuevo that marks the site of the final battle between the Spanish and the British for Jamaica.
  • Prospect Plantation and its butterfly farm and camel rides
  • Historic Harmony Hall with gallery showcasing Jamaican and Caribbean intuitive artists
  • Firefly – home of Noel Coward, playwright and international celebrity of the 1950s.
  • Golden Eye, once home to Ian Fleming – the creator of the famous James Bond series.
  • Tacky Memorial and Cenotaph to the Victims of World War
  • 1 and 2 at Claude Stuart Park
  • Port Maria Courthouse
  • St. Maria Parish Church
  • James Bond Beach