About the Parish of Trelawny
- Falmouth

Population 73,066

Birthplace to one of the fastest men on earth, Usain Bolt, Trelawny is a rustic paradise of rivers, mountains, plains and wetlands. Most of the parish has

limestone features of sinkholes, caves and underground passages. Known for its sugar and rum trade in the pre-Emancipation period, Trelawny had the

most sugar estates in the island. Today it is known for its modern cruise ship pier located in the capital, Falmouth. The pier is the largest in the region

and is capable of hosting superliners which can carry over 5,000 passengers. Visitors to the parish can participate in an interactive cultural journey by

visiting the Outameni Experience which provides patrons a true to life trip back to old Jamaica: from the Taino inhabitants, through Spanish and British

rule, to the island as we know it today. Outameni offers a unique blend of music, art, dance, film and drama that capture the culture of the Jamaican


Trelawny Attractions:

  • Numerous Great Houses
  • Glistening Waters
  • Rois Lagoon
  • The Cockpit Country
  • Rafting on the Martha Brae
  • Cudjoe underground caverns and the Quashie Caves
  • Town of Falmouth
  • Historic Falmouth Pier
  • Braco Stables
  • Good Hope Great House
  • Chukka at Good Hope
  • Clarkes Town and Stuart Town
  • Free Villages established after Emancipation such as Granville, Kettering, Time and Patience
  • William Knibb Baptist Church and St. Peter’s Anglican Church
  • Outameni Experience