The Parish of Westmoreland

Population 138,947

Westmoreland was so named in 1703 because it was the most westerly point in Jamaica. The parish is known for its beautiful coastline and many beaches

that are off the beaten track, such as Bluefields Beach. Over 40 km2 (10, 000 acres) of the parish is morass land. The largest section of this morass, the

Great Morass, is a major wildlife sanctuary. The 1938 riots at the Frome Sugar Estate in the parish played a catalytic role in the creation of a new

constitution for the island, as well as for the declaration of universal adult suffrage in 1944. These events steered Jamaica on a path to self-government

which culminated in Independence from Britain.

Westmoreland Attractions:

  • Negril Lighthouse
  • Mayfield Falls
  • Kool Runnings Adventure Park
  • Negril Hills Golf Club
  • Rhodes Hall Plantation
  • The Seaford Town Museum
  • Frome
  • Negril’s seven-mile white sand beach