Frequently asked questions & answers

There are so many reasons to choose New N Used Link, we invest a great deal of time & effort in making advertising and career features as easy as possible. We also monitor & filter the contents posted to our website, so you can be confident that you will find only quality & relevant products and businesses. Our goal at New N Used link is to make it as easy as possible to satisfy our customers Advertising and Career services needs.

  • How to place a FREE Ad?
Go to our post an ad page HERE, select your Caribbean location choose a category for your advertisement (Business, Jobs, Sell, Rent etc) upload the required information, contact info pictures etc and then select submit. Your ad will then be reviewed and uploaded, it will also be published to our Facebook page to jump start your ad.

  • How to Promote or optimize your Business?
Gather all information about your business including your business logo or other related photos. Our online marketplace works on the principle of instant results. Your Business will appears in front of your potential clients exactly at the moment when they are searching for products and services in question. Click HERE to promote your business.

  • How to Advertise an event here?
You can upload posters, audio files, You tube video link or all of the above to reach your desired audience; we advertise dance, parties, concerts, festivals, award galas and others. We focus specifically on marketing & advertising services in the Caribbean. Click HERE to advertise an event.

  • Post Resume
To post your resume in the Caribbean and get it reviewed by employers is totally free, only reputable companies will have access to your resumes in the employers corner. If you do not want companies to contact you directly we can withhold your contact information and let them contact us on your behalf, all of these options are available on the form. Click HERE to get started . You can also post your resume internationally (USA, Canada & UK) this service is only US0.99 for each country. We will use our established employer company profile to post your resume.

  • Artiste & Music Promotion
To promote your music or artiste profile its very easy, all you need to do is fill out the form HERE add all the required information and submit. Your information will be displayed in our directory, it will be promoted on our blogs and Facebook page. You will get a fully optimized page about yourself and your music which will appear in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

  • Email Marketing
Email marketing is simply sending advertisements via email to registered members who have consented to receive
advertisements. We have over 8000 people who have consented and you are allowed one email blast per day to avoid spamming. For further details on how to register go HERE